Epicurian Expeditions

Epicurian Expeditions

Attention fellow Argonauts who wish to explore that ‘Fork In The Road!’

Epicurean Expeditions welcomes the adventurous gourmand who dreams of pairing their passion for food with travel destinations offering culinary opportunities to explore another culture’s cuisine.

Small groups of 6 or more can expand their food knowledge and immerse themselves into “HANDS ON” cooking classes, working alongside other chefs, shopping at local markets, learning about and utilizing sometimes unfamiliar products and ingredients, Off-the-beaten path dining, plus mastering recipes from that culture and what it is best known for.

There will also be time for exploring on your own.

Some destinations that welcome the chance to share their love and life of food are… Vicenza, Italy; Jamaica; Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; Austria; Bali; Barcelona, Spain; Hong Kong, Taipei, Taiwan; and Puerto Rico as well as places closer to home like Charleston, South Carolina, San Francisco, and the Wine Country in Northern California.

The list of destinations who invite us continues to grow. Locations in Singapore, Hawaii, France, and even Africa will be added soon!

In fact, if you have a culinary contact in a unique location willing to share their knowledge with other chefs please pass it on to EPICUREAN EXPEDITIONS.

Gather together a few friends and associates desiring to delve into global culinary arts and contact THE GILDED GRAPE. We will put together an exclusive valuable and unforgettable epicurean journey that few have the chance to experience.

EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS! Enjoy the Spice of Life! LIVE TO EAT!!!

I invite all Foodies to join me on an amazing culinary journey February 5th-15th, 2015 – continuing on the famed Spice Route, to Bangkok, Thailand! Bangkok is Thailand’s hip and happening city that has it all…temples, entertainment, shopping, floating markets and of course FOOD!Together, let’s learn how to deconstruct the techniques and ingredients essential to Thai cuisine. Contact me for details.